"The only, and essential, characteristics of parody are, on the one hand, to evoke an existing work while being noticeably different from it and, on the other, to constitute an expression of humour or mockery."

— The European Copyright Directive, taking effect in the U.K. October 1, finally makes it OK for British comedians to parody stuff without having to worry about the risk of a lawsuit from the copyright-holder. Not allowed, though, are parodies that convey “a discriminatory message”—i.e., no racism. (via shortformblog)



Locating Information Literacy within Institutional Oppression

Librarian Joshua Beatty has written a comprehensive criticism of the 2000 ACRL Standards and the new draft Framework for Information Literacy. Beatty based his piece on an outline for an essay previously published…

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Cooper is a therapy dog available for check-out at the Harvard Library for 30 minutes intervals from 9-5 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The discussion came up in my cataloging class as to how one would go about creating a record for him. The link above will take you to his OPAC record. I think my life has been completed. 

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Happy Birthday, T.S. Eliot! Read the original 1915 publication of “The Love Song of Alfred J. Prufrock” in Poetry